Services & Specialities

We offer a great variety in our services and veterinary specialties.


Is the set of services destined to the welcoming of patients for their diagnosis, recuperation and treatment. The infrastructure of our hospital counts with separation of different kind of patients so that they don't become stressed during their stay in our hospital.
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It is not just an alternative to solve signs of acute symptoms of a disease, it is also a tool to properly know how to care, feed, nurture, reproductive and other things that will help you treat your pet like it deserves. We can help you and facilitate you the means to have a happy pet.
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Aesthetics and Hair Salon

We offer and integrated service in every salon treatment. This includes: baths, haircuts, standard washing, hair grooming, nail grooming and more.
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It is one of the main therapeutic tools in veterinary care. Our team of specialists are pioneers in their profesional capacities, they keep on learning every day new techniques, we are up front of veterinary evolution to bring the best care.
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Today, this specialty extends itself beyond traumatic injuries, it is also the study and investigation of diseases acquired in different ways. Our goal is to prevent them and rehabilitate them.
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We conduct many type of exams for veterinary diagnosis and guarantee high standards of quality efficiency and opportunity.
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Our Staff

We have a team of professionals: humane, supportive and highly responsible.

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We are a veterinary clinic that dedicates themselves to the integrated services in the clinical caring of pets.

Vaccination Control

If you have any questions you can asked them to our email:
Rabies: It applies from 12 weeks of age. Annual revaccination of sextuple and Rabies.

1st Dosage

  • 6 weeks after birth
  • First vaccine
  • Corona Parvovirus
  • Indemnity Availability

2nd Dosage

  • 9 weeks after birth
  • First sextuple
  • Second vaccine
  • Immediate Availability

3rd Dosage

  • 13 weeks after birth
  • Second sextuple
  • Third vaccine
  • Immediate Availability

4th Dosage

  • 9 weeks after birth
  • Fourth sextuple
  • Fourth vaccine
  • Immediate Availability


  • It applies from 12 weeks of age
  • Annual revaccination
  • Sextuple and Rabies
  • Indemnity Availability

International Travel

Remember to request the service at any of our offices to advise on the documents you need and that process should continue for the pet according to the country you are visiting.


For us, every story is important.

They always know more about veterinary care.

Marisol Vera (@masolvera)

  It always makes me calm, they are right, and humane in the way that they treated my pet Tita.

Laura Chilan (@lauchilan)

Thanks Clinica Veterinaria Guayaquil for treating ‘Valentino’ 😸, the attention and the results where excellent.

Grace Guzman (@graceguzmanv)

Work With Us

If you are a veterinarian doctor and have graduated, we invite you to be part of our staff, submit your resume here.